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So I want to learn to fly for fun!

So, I get asked a lot what does it take to fly. Here are a few tips on flying and more so the Light Sport License. I suggest to try out an LSA aircraft for training and fun flying. They burn less fuel, have new instruments, often offer BRS or on board parachute, and just plain fun to fly.

The basic requirements for a Sport pilot are:

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  • Valid Driver’s License from a US State

  • Proficient in English

  • Be 17 years old

  • Be able to promise they are in good health and not using substances or medications that impede judgment, motor skills, and/or awareness.

  • Pass FAA Written Test

  • Pass training and receive Endorsements from CFI-S or CFI-A (20 hours of training including: dual time, solo, and cross-country flying)

  • Pass LSA Practical Flight Test

When you count the pennies the cost can range from $2,500 through $3,500 and could run up to $5,000 depending on training comment. But the end result yields you the ability to fly you and a spouse, child, friend or another human soul round the air in an airplane made for two. You can fly during day VFR (Visual Flight Rules) in airplanes with fixed gear and a gross weight less than 1320lbs. This hopefully becomes the beginning of an endless tradition of flying.

This link to the FAA approved handbooks is a goldmine.  The FAA makes it easy for us by giving away these PDFs.

The Airplane Flying Handbook is the base of most knowledge test.

The Student Pilot Guide answers most of your questions regarding becoming a student pilot.

Software Based Ground School

These systems let you learn at your own pace.  I recommend Duantless.  If you buy direct you get a discount on the Audio MP3s.  They are awesome to listen to while you drive.