Welcome to FlyingTech, this site and blog is dedicated to my love of Computers and Flying. I hope to share many great ideas and how to’s. Aviation is a love of mine and I share that passion with my buddy RadioLuigi; we both are Plane Nutz. I also have years of experience in IT, from Datacenter and Infrastructure to Database and Applications.  We hope to inform and entertain.  

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Flying with Alfonso in an LSA for a $100 Burger

Luigiirl’s shared video file.
Luigi aka LuigiRadio and Alfonso fly along the coast of florida to go grab a burger.

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Flying the night of the Blue Moon, we wanted to see a Blue Moon from the sky.

Flying the night of the Blue Moon, we wanted to see a Blue Moon from the sky. Awesome night to go fly and that we did. We got to fly down the Daytona Beach, FL coast south and enjoyed the view.

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Air plane adventure!

Big thanks to Deland Aviation

Big thanks to Origin for the quick response and service!


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Temporal – Fall Silently (feat. Veela)

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Trying to own luigi!

Here we try to prank luigi…did it work!??

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Before all that!

Heres the video of us setting up then taking down then putting it up again the monitors and cables from the gaming house.

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We’re on TV!

This is the day merc left the gaming house, we had alot of fun together and hopefully one day it will be repeated. Also were on Jimmy Fallon!

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Start your log book today

Flying is certainly a dream of many. Our goal is to provide an environment in which those dreams can be fulfilled.

Today the F.A.A. allows people to fly without a medical exams and the training time has been cut in half as well. This is allowing for more people to try to achieve the dream of flight.

Light Sport Aviation allows for this to happen and airplanes that are sporty and safe.

It’s ok to fly this plane!

Many of the airplane that make up the Light Sport market have aircraft parachutes onboard.  Allowing for a second option when you really need one.We consider it a great safety feature!